"Drowning in Decorative Pillows?": The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Fluffy Companions

Oh, the age-old dilemma of the decorative pillow enthusiast: where to put them all? It's a tough gig being a cushion connoisseur, but fear not! Here's a guide to help you store your beloved pillows without turning your house into a pillow fortress (although, that does sound pretty fun!).

  1. Vacuum Storage Bags: The saviors of space! These bags are especially handy for seasonal pillows you won't use for a while. Just ensure your pillows are clean, pop them in, vacuum out the air, and voila! Compact, protected, and ready for storage.

  2. Under-The-Bed Storage: Purchase some rolling storage bins or shallow baskets that can easily slide under beds. It's a convenient way to keep those extra pillows out of sight but easily accessible.

  3. Top of the Wardrobe: Invest in some decorative storage boxes or baskets that complement your room's decor. These can sit pretty atop your wardrobe, making your pillows both storage and a style statement.

  4. Hanging Shoe Organizers: Who said they're just for shoes? Hang one in a closet and slot those smaller decorative pillows in. It's quirky, it's fun, and oh-so-convenient.

  5. Storage Benches & Ottomans: Furniture that doubles up as storage? Yes, please! These are perfect for the living room or bedroom and keep your pillows within easy reach.

  6. Linen Closet Tidy-Up: Dedicate a shelf or two to your decorative pillows. If you're tight on space, store them in sets or rotate them out seasonally.

  7. Rotational Display: If you love all your pillows equally (we get it, they're all special), rotate them in and out of use. This way, each pillow gets its time to shine, and you don't have to hide any away for too long.

  8. Pillow Ladder: This isn't just storage; it's decor! Lean a decorative ladder against a wall, and drape your pillows over the rungs. It's stylish, space-saving, and lets you show off your collection.

  9. Re-purpose Old Suitcases: Vintage suitcases aren't just for travel. They can be stacked and used as a side table with the added benefit of pillow storage inside.

  10. Create a Cozy Corner: Pile up some floor cushions in a corner, topped with your decorative pillows. Add some fairy lights, and you've got yourself a magical reading or relaxation nook.

In Conclusion: Pillows, pillows everywhere, and now you've got many ways to store them! With a touch of creativity and some organizational hacks, you can ensure your cushions are always in pristine condition and ready for their next showcase. Happy storing!